Karin Ayche
Date of birth: 30 March 1954 
Germersheim (Mainz University):
English, French, Italian, Arabic
          Choice subject: Law
University degree: Diplom (Diplomübersetzerin)  English + French
Karlsruhe University: Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering
Cologne/ Köln University: Polish, Dutch, Turkish
Lived and worked in: the UK, France, Morocco
Sworn translator (legal documents) and interpreter for The Higher Regional Court in Cologne
Member of VS/VdÜ
Work areas:
Translation English, French, Dutch, into German only
Scouting, Reviews, Proof Reading, Editing, Research
Expertise/ relevant experience in: 
    Politics, Economics and Finance, European Community
    Human Rights, Legal and Social Issues, Conflict Resolution/ Mediation
    Central and East Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Islam
    Technical translations, Telecommunication, IT, Digital and Media Design
    Sexual Abuse
    Literary texts, Poetry, Thrillers, Children's Books, Radio Drama, Movie Scripts
    Modern Art, Design, Cinema, Theater, Film,
    Sailing, Motorbikes
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